Going Viral – A Close-up on Moving Mind Studio

When Sam Brisson, Ryan George and Brandon Calder made their Shit Guys Don’t Say Video, a sequel to the popular Shit Guys say trend, they had no idea that it would go viral. But now with over 2 million views and over 3 million on their Youtube page these three ambitious Montrealers are on their way to the up and up and looking to make their dream of working in the movie biz a reality.

I proudly present: Going Viral!


A Home of Our Own

Demi Begin and I present a mini- documentary about three courageous mothers who raise their children at On Our Own (O3) – a program that provides young families with support and low-cost transitional housing.

Without much support from parents or the child’s fathers, these women are committed to going to school and raising their children the best they can. On Our Own gives them a fighting chance. It teaches these mothers to be independent, self-sufficient and driven. However, if these mothers are not dedicated enough to the program they will be asked to leave.

These moms must rely on the support of the centre’s staff and community so they don’t truly need to be on their own.

To find out more about On Our Own visit their website.

This mini-documentary was originally produced for Concordia University’s Journalism Department.